The engineered TAKEDOWN of food, water and energy infrastructure will plunge entire nations into the Dark Ages

situation-update-hrr-2022-9-1-videoObservers can’t help but notice that Jackson, Mississippi’s water infrastructure collapse — leaving 180,000 Americans with no running water — was allowed to happen by withholding maintenance from the water treatment system. As even the Associated Press now reports, Jackson Mayor Lumumba says the problem resulted from, “decades of deferred maintenance.”The system was so run down that it could only work when it wasn’t raining hard. Thus, the integrity of the municipal water supply in a high-rainfall state was only intact when it wasn’t raining. An overhaul of the system will require, “quite possibly billions of dollars,” said Lumumba.

The federal infrastructure bill has designated $75 million to the entire state of Mississippi, a tiny fraction of the “billions” needed to provide working water infrastructure. Meanwhile, about a billion dollars a week is being sent to Ukraine to keep that country’s infrastructure functioning while America’s infrastructure crumbles.

You can’t buy gas cars, and you can’t charge electric ones

Not to be outdone in the category of controlled demolition of infrastructure, California declared a ban on the sale of gasoline engine cars, then just a few days later declared that electric vehicles shouldn’t be charged from 4pm – 9pm due to the risk of a power grid failure followed by rolling blackouts. Thus, California says you aren’t allowed to buy gasoline vehicles, and you aren’t allowed to charge electric vehicles.

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