15 Reasons Why The United States Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket

The United States is going to hell in a handbasket, and today we brought you 15 facts that prove so. Most people out there still don’t realize that we’re being controlled by a system led by people who are not interested in preserving our constitutional rights, our personal freedom, or our self-reliance. They want us divided, angry at each other, financially dependent, and constantly scared so they can rule us more easily. That’s why our country is facing such a steep moral, economic, financial, and political decline. We used to be a nation that promoted morality and the belief in God. But today, we’re a country where the most perverse and ungodly acts are seen as “normal”. Depravity is not only accepted but promoted and glorified. To make things worse, those who are brave enough to speak up against this growing immorality are accused of inciting hatred. Consequently, those who defend honorable values are being increasingly silenced while degenerates continue to infiltrate our society. Right now, everywhere we look we and our children get instantly bombarded with obscene images in books, magazines, movies, music, and TV. This constant flow of promiscuity has corrupted the minds of the American people and continues to expose younger generations to perversion and depravity.

A Harris poll conducted with thousands of American adults found that more and more Americans described themselves as “not very religious,” and according to a Daily Mail report, titled: “Americans starting to lose faith: Belief in God and miracles declines as Darwinism becomes more popular.” Today, more people believe in the theory of evolution than in the word of God. For decades, we have been abandoning the religious principles that this nation was built on. Those beliefs have held us together and made us strong. But now, it appears that we’re banning God from our country and our lives. Social issues are being constantly inflamed by operatives of the federal government to keep our population tense, divided, and on edge. The mainstream media uses these problems to keep everyone occupied pointing fingers and fighting with each other. In that way, we don’t see what’s really going on in our country, our economy, and our freedom. As Creekmore brilliantly noted, “they want to keep us divided so that they can better lie to and control us.” Another important aspect considered by the writer is that our society used to be filled with individuals that practiced self-reliance and personal responsibility, but times have surely changed. Today, millions of people are extremely dependent on the system and Government programs not only exclude those who are self-reliant, but frequently trap individuals and families into long-term dependence, leaving them incapable of escaping their condition for generations to come. The truth is that no political party, government agency, or philanthropic corporation is actually making any real effort to avoid the total collapse of our democracy. In this video, we revisit an analysis published by the writer and long-time prepper, M.D. Creekmore, and we also compile a series of reasons why things are going terribly wrong in America.


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