US government paying behavioral science influence groups to generate new “interventions” to brainwash more Americans into taking covid vaccines

In June of 2022, the United States government pumped $20 million into a new behavioral science program that seeks to brainwash more Americans to take covid vaccines. The National Science Foundation, an entity of the federal government, transferred the taxpayer funds to the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), to advance a worldwide vaccine uptake program called the Mercury Project. The SSRC in a non-profit group that takes in money from governments and globalist organizations to study behavioral psychology and influence people’s behavior en masse. Their Mercury Project is targeted toward vaccine resistance and seeks to implement new interventions that can effectively manipulate people to take more covid vaccines.

Mass propaganda effort currently underway to increase vaccine uptake

The Mercury Project will deploy groups of behavioral scientists to multiple regions throughout the world. They will study the reasons why people refuse the covid vaccines, and they will target the information and messages that lead people to make that decision. Their goal is to create new vaccine narratives that can be tailored to specific audiences around the globe. The behavioral research is designed to exploit the psychology of people from different ethnic and political backgrounds to increase vaccine compliance. The Rockefeller Foundation is also investing millions of dollars into this effort.

he Rockefeller Foundation and the SSRC wrote: “Following the characterization of inaccurate health information by the U.S. Surgeon General as an ‘urgent threat,’ and by the World Health Organization as an ‘infodemic,’ the SSRC issued a call for proposals to counter the growing global threats posed by public health mis- and disinformation and low Covid-19 vaccination rates.” The SSRC has already received two hundred submissions from organizations around the world. All these organizations hope to exploit the population and change human behavior through propaganda and coercion.

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