US/UK/NATO Covert Weapons Smuggling Routes & Methods Uncovered

A covert penetration into computers at the Ukraine Main Intelligence Directorate got the complete scoop on the weapons smuggling routes and methods used by the US/UK/NATO into Ukraine.  After the information was grabbed, human assets were sent out to verify locations and methods; and they WERE verified! The UK/US/NATO are using soft-sided tractor trailers, used in everyday commerce all over the world, to smuggle weapons and ammunition into Ukraine.  Here’s a photo showing some of it:

The hunt for Ukraine’s weapons-smuggling began in earnest in the month of May.  It was during that month that the British Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, made public their search for all kinds of old Soviet-era weapons they wanted to get on behalf of Ukraine.

Lo and behold, where did they find the biggest cache with a very willing seller?   Russia “ally” Kazakhstan!

Kazakhstan used to be part of the Central Asia Military District of the old Soviet Union. Since that time, they have had such an enormous amount of old Soviet weaponry that they have been selling it for FORTY YEARS!  

Through the penetration of Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate, it was learned that in June, a Kazakhstan company, Technoexport, delivered 122mm shells for D-20 Howitzers into Ukraine by truck.  They also delivers 152mm shells for D-30 Howitzers and rockets for “GRAD” multiple launch rocket systems.  The June deliveries alone consisted of 20,000 shells and 30,000 rockets for about seventy million dollars ($70 million), paid for by the British government.

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