Theory of Everything: GOD, Devils, Dimensions, Dragons, Illusion & Reality -the Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything: God, Devils, Dimensions & Man is a journey through the blurry lines between science and spiritual. Is God proven by our current sciences of Quantum Physics, Conciousness, the Holographic Universe, DNA, Illusion of Reality, and evidence that reality itself is an intelligently designed digital simulation as was believed by many of the greatest minds that ever lived (Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Plato, Aristotle) Perhaps mankind living a test? The Theory of Everything also covers the deepest regions of Egyptian, Babylonian Occult. The Theory of Everything is a journey from the cells to the stars, heaven, hell and the dimensions between. The Theory of Everything also takes a hard, sobering look at some of our “fringe sciences & mythologies” such as Darwin’s 1859 Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang which many feel may not meet the minimum bar of current scientific knowledge?


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