Trainloads of additional Russian Armor Arriving against Ukraine – Giant Escalation Coming – Zelensky Assassination???

Videos of Russian trains arriving with additional armored war machines, have been published on various social media the past three days and one thing has become clear: There is a GIANT escalation coming against Ukraine – and maybe NATO.This new echelon of armor is literally more than DOUBLE what Russia initially sent to Ukraine, before the Special Military Operation began.  If all of it is going into Ukraine, then Russian army strength in Ukraine will increase three-fold! The Ukrainians can’t manage what Russia already has there, never mind three times more. As things stand right now, July 24, 2022, Ukraine is losing the war very badly despite all sorts of weapons, ammunition, and intel, being supplied by the US/EU/NATO.   A new deployment of this scale by Russia will be a literal steamroller, and it will roll through the rest of Ukraine like a hot knife through butter…..Read More