Pre-Pandemic Timeline 1900 to 1999

Chronological order of significant global, Australian and SA data points in the years leading up to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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January 1 1900

History leaves clues

Start here:  Take a retrospective look at how Big Oil has strategically and incrementally manipulated and taken control of every aspects of our life globally – money, medicine, food, education and soon to be our bloodstream, genome and 24/7 surveillance, all without us knowing. A powerful, must watch 2-part documentary to set the stage for pandemic 2020 and beyond:

  • Part 1: How Big Oil Conquered the World
  • Part 2: Why Big Oil Conquered the World
January 1 1901

Birth of the Constitution of Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia was established on January 1, 1901, and on that day the Australian Constitution came into effect.

The Constitution establishes a framework for the governing institutions; prescribing the powers of the Federal Parliament to make laws and created a Federal Judiciary to uphold them.

The federal parliament representatives are elected by the people, the majority party forms the Government and they choose their leader who then becomes the Prime Minister of Australia.  Government representatives are all public servants.  They are meant to represent their constituents first, not their party agenda, this has become skewed through time.

The role of the Cabinet government, the parties, and the Prime Minister is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution; they are customary offices, grandfathered in and accepted!

ANYONE can form a political party who meets the criteria.  Labor and Liberalhave been the predominant parties through Australian political history, alternate parties are known as independents.  The two party system made “forming government” easier, but it’s not constitutionally grounded.  If more independent representatives are elected by the people, then coalitions are formed to create a majority to form a Government.

January 1 1910

The Flexner Report

The 1910 Flexner Report was a “document that created and enabled the terms of a centralised medical system and pharma industry to take over control”. It was sponsored by The Carnegie Foundation, with strong connections to the Rockefellers. [1]

Medical education became incrementally controlled and focused on materialism, medication and vaccination.  Out of this, pharmacology grew as the predominant solution to diseases.  What is known today as “alternative” modalities, were prevalent at the time of this report.

Through time, medical institutes directed their focus and resources to teaching patentable solutions.  Since you can’t patent nature, solutions were skewed to man-made synthetic drugs and surgery and away from nature.  Pharmaceutical companies benefited greatly.  Medical journals receive their greatest fundingfrom pharmaceutical companies, which in turn, skews their articles away from cheap solutions which would dilute the profits of patented drugs.  Pharma has great influence over physicians, medical researchers, regulators and policy makers.


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