Is The Ezekiel 38 Alliance Preparing To Plunder?

On the morning of Shabbat, I was awakened by a loud sound. I immediately knew what it was. F-16s were taking off from a nearby airbase. This was a very unusual occurrence on a Shabbat, but it wasn’t altogether surprising. Of late, the times here in Israel have been quite interesting. In fact, they have been so uncommon and important that I am going to change the format of [my MIDEAST REVIEW] for just this week so that I can fully explain what is going on. For information on what else is going on in the world, including the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, please go to my Telegram channel. Continue Reading

Those F-16 take-offs were soon followed by more in the afternoon. Then out in the Mediterranean, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Barak 1 surface-to-air missiles (SAM) were fired from the Israeli navy’s corvette warship, Eilat. The targets of each of these attacks? The morning fighters attacked targets in Syria. The others went after three drones flying from Lebanon toward Israel’s Karish gas field and its newly installed drilling rig. The SAMs took out two of the drones, while the jets destroyed the third.