Most Americans Don’t Know About The New Nuclear Weapons Russia Has Developed Since The End Of The Cold War

Even though war has erupted in Ukraine, most Americans still do not believe that a nuclear war with Russia is a serious threat.  The Cold War doctrine of “mutually assured destruction” has been pounded into our heads so many times that most people simply assume that it would be unthinkable for either side to attempt a nuclear strike.  That may have been true in the 1980s, but things have changed dramatically since that time.  The Russians have developed some extremely impressive weapons and anti-missile systems since the end of the Cold War, but most Americans don’t even know that they exist. Let’s start with the RS-28 Sarmat.  While the U.S. still relies on hopelessly outdated Minuteman III missiles that first went into service in 1970, the Russians have developed the most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles on the entire planet……..Continue Reading

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