From Denial to Changing Narrative: How the Ukraine Biolab Story Unfolded | Truth Over News

The corporate media’s narrative creation in response to widespread reports of biolabs in Ukraine has truly been something to behold. At first, it was outright denial: “Biolabs in Ukraine? That’s Russian propaganda!” But after quickly being proven wrong, corporate media stenographers quickly shifted to “OK, there are biolabs in Ukraine, but they don’t contain dangerous pathogens.” When it was shown that these claims were also false, the media claimed that “OK, the Ukraine labs may house virulent pathogens, but they’re not controlled by the US.” When U.S. funding and direct involvement with these labs was divulged, the media shifted yet again: “OK, the Ukrainian labs may be controlled by the US, but they’re just being used for research.” This is the current state of our politically-controlled media. And their efforts are eerily similar to narrative attempts the U.S. media made regarding the origins of COVID-19.

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