The MSM prepares the public for incoming AIDS outbreak – COVID vaccine link?

HIV-positive-after-Covid-vaccine-696x392The covid 19 injections are causing VAIDS (vaccine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

Just in time for the new release of an experimental mRNA HIV “vaccine” becoming available to the public soon.

“Fast-spreading HIV variant doubles rate of immune system decline”

“Highly virulent HIV variant found circulating in Europe”

“TAKE THE TEST Brits urged to get HIV tests as heterosexual diagnoses higher for first time in a decade”

Prince Harry says every single one of us has ‘duty’ to get an HIV test

Pr. Montagnier, Nobel prize who discovered the HIV, passed away on February 8, 2022. Almost nothing has been written about his death! This guy was one of the first (feb 2020) who said that COVID19 was a man-made virus with sequences from HIV. Rest in peace professor.

Let’s say the vaccine is confirmed to have HIV protein inserts that are lowering t-cell counts. This would mean that right now, hundreds millions of people around the world have HIV & do not even know it yet.

Seems like a solid tinfoil theory right? But the thing is, I remember when vaccinated people were showing up as false positives for HIV 2 years ago. I also remember the virus containing HIV inserts that really dumbfounded the science world

According to the DOD whistleblower, HIV cases are up 590% year over year among those tested. But how many people would even consider testing for HIV if they aren’t in any risks groups?

Asymptomatic HIV infection is the second stage of HIV/AIDS. During this stage, there are no symptoms of HIV infection. This stage is also called chronic HIV infection or clinical latency. During this stage, the virus keeps multiplying in the body and the immune system slowly weakens, but the person has no symptoms.

Theoretically, all those “covid” infected vaccinated that got sick with “flu like” symptoms and were diagnosed with covid are possibly carrying HIV. They’ve “recovered”, but this is just until their body runs low on t-cell counts.

The uptick in HIV news and testing by the media could be a soft disclosure of what’s ahead for those who are vaccinated.

Fauci’s long history and connection to the aids crisis makes me not trust him. He fumbled the crisis so bad and there’s plenty of evidence to show he may have caused more deaths by looking to line his pockets

Something ain’t adding up, but what does add up is that Pfizer is a crooked company and they’d step over any American to pick up a dollar.

So here’s my theory of what’s going to happen:

  • More states will start to de
  • -criminalize knowingly spreading HIV to people
  • They’ll give a huge segment of the population HIV through the vaccination
  • They’ll give everyone long haul HIV that’ll require a miracle HIV pill to live
  • $$$profit

Depopulation is real

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