First fully autonomous DARPA Black Hawk helicopter has taken to the skies over the US without a human pilot in frightening harbinger of soulless robot armies


This historic BLACK HAWK flight marks the first time that a UH-60 has flown autonomously and builds on recent demonstrations at the U.S. Army’s Project Convergence 2021,’ a Lockheed Martin spokesperson said in a statement. A partnership between Lockheed Martin Sikorsky and the Defence Armed Research Projects Agency (DARPA), it took off from Fort Campbell in Kentucky on February 5. Without anyone on board, the UH-60A Black Hawk completed a 30 minute flight above the US army installation, with a second flight held on February 7. It comes with an optionally piloted cockpit, that has to be switched from pilot, to autonomous mode – allowing an onboard computer brain to control the vehicle.

In most dystopian visions of the future, we picture pilotless aircraft flying overhead using laser-guided missiles to destroy as legions of robot soldiers go from house to house, stomping on citizens who are trying in vain to plead for their lives. This week, a Black Hawk helicopter, using software and hardware created in a joint alliance between super-secret Army research group DARPA and Lockheed Martin, successfully flew without a human pilot, completing the mission and landing itself without a hitch.

This is the world, pulled from the pages of Revelation, that is rushing towards us at a thousand miles per hour, without absolutely no hope of it missing its target. Autonomous vehicles are a must in the coming economy of Antichrist where, without the Mark of the Beast, you will not be allowed access to anything, especially not to your vehicles that could be used to fight against him. In the meantime, this technology is being sold as something that will create better ‘safety  and security’, cutting down on crashes and accidents, and I’m sure it will be a blessing, right up to the moment it’s not. READ MORE

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