Thousands On The Move: Convoy of Canberra Australia

Thousands of ordinary Aussie’s are on the move to Canberra to protest against all the Mandate Restrictions that have been put into force over the last two years. Enough is Enough of continual lockdowns, mandates, masks on mask off, I jab 2 jabs 3 jabs and more, job losses, business closures and un-necessary deaths.
Today to top it all off the High Court of Australia threw out the child vaccine mandate, now all children 0-19 must be vaccinated. The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has approved this.
Video Link below

Parliament tries to shut down Pauline Hanson. I SUPPORT FREEDOM PROTESTERS AND I WON’T BE SILENCED Today, when speaking in support of those protesting vaccine discrimination outside parliament and across Australia, an attempt was made to shut me down.

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