SUBMIT NOW: World Economic Forum wants you to wear a microchip-powered smart mask that tells you when you are allowed fresh air.


They are calling it the ‘mask of the future’, and that future is clearly laid out in the book of Daniel and Revelation, that’s what’s happening right now. Smart Mask. Here in the free state of Florida, we do not have a mask mandate, yet everywhere I go I see the majority of people with a mask on their faces. Why is that? Because the the past year of the fear-mongering terror campaign waged by the New World Order to make you submit to their non-scientific dictates has been incredibly successful. My county here in Florida has a 0.951% death rate from COVID infections, yet people remain in a state of fear. Now get ready for Smart Masks that tell you when it’s “OK to take a breath of fresh air”…..Read More

Interestingly covid death rate is 1% why is everyone in fear?

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