Stand Your Ground


The devil is releasing a spirit of delusion and confusion on people’s minds but we don’t bow to his strategies. He wants to get us in a state of apathy and indifference and to sit back and not challenge the ranks of darkness but we need to be challenging the principalities of darkness. If there is nothing challenged there is nothing changed. It is time to rise up. The battle is real and the fight is on. The world we live in has become a dwelling place of demons and now is the time to rise up and join the raging war that is all around. Each one is called to fight in the battle, it is not a choice it is part of your life of a warrior. You were enlisted in the war automatically when you chose the righteous path. It is time to war on sin and the flesh like never before. It is time to stand your ground and not give in to the devils tactics. The devil is a dirty fighter and will do anything to get you distracted, complacent and be taken along the path of least resistance. At the present time his tactic is fear which paralyses and causes confusion and apathy in an attempt to to totally defeat you. But you my friend, if you are in Christ, are a mighty warrior you have all heaven behind you in this battle. We cannot stand by and watch as other fraudulent, immoral, or carnal agendas shout their “word” louder than God’s Truth. Gods word cannot be silenced or ignored because the final victory is His.