FDA abandons informed consent after “emergency use” approval of J&J coronavirus vaccine, which SKIPPED large-scale safety testing

Johnson and Johnson’s single dose coronavirus vaccine was recently granted “emergency use” approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means J&J skipped large scale safety testing for their experimental biologic. To make matters worse, all previous attempts to create a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine (SARS and MERS) have failed and caused pathogenic priming. What makes this fast-tracked biologic any different? The short and long-term effects of the vaccine have not been observed or evaluated. The vaccine has only been studied for efficacy up until 28 days, post vaccination. In that short time, researchers found the vaccine to be 85 percent efficacious for preventing serious illness. The efficacy rate would plummet even further if more time was used to evaluate whether recipients became seriously ill. The vaccine wasn’t studied outside 28 days, most likely because the issue of pathogenic priming would result in more serious illness, hospitalization and death.

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