“It is not an option”, Pope Francis declared. Those who refuse the vaccine will be fired.

Pope Francis took a very strong pro-vaccine stand in a television interview in which he said that those who don’t want the vaccine are moved by a “suicidal denialism.” “I think ethically that everyone should take the vaccine,” the pope told Italian journalist Fabio Marchese Ragona. “It should be done, it’s not an option.” Remember all the people who called us crazed, conspiracy nuts because we’ve been saying for nearly a year that the COVID-19 vaccine would be made mandatory? Funny thing, those same people are now lining up to take the jab, begging for it actually, and saying it must be made mandatory to ‘protect humanity’. Now we’ve come full circle with the people who are against now doing exactly what we said they would do, and not even realizing they’re doing it. Well said Habakkuk about these people, eh?…..Read More

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