Abominable Situation Unfolding Across America Proves Preppers Were Right To Prepare! Brutal Cold And Grid Down Scenarios Are Bringing Death And Very Hard Times To Millions

With record low temperatures in city after city across America after a prolonged arctic outbreak began smashing temperature records in the Plains and Midwest, what’s being called the coldest outbreak in some 30 years in some regions, what’s happening right now in huge parts of Texas should be seen as a warning to the rest of America as a ‘grid down scenario’ caused by rolling blackouts has caused over 4 million Texans to go without power, many for well over 24 hours already.  Leading to at least 21 dead, and Weather.com now warning these brutally low temperatures may linger into much of the rest of this week before finally easing this weekend into early next week, some of those who didn’t prepare for such a scenario have moved out of their homes and into their cars to keep warm…...Read More