MENTAL illness is rising in people who have recovered from COVID, as the controlling germaphobic approach to disease fails their body and mind

One out of every eight people who recover from a COVID infection are diagnosed with their first neurological or psychiatric illness within six-months. These are the findings from a new Oxford University study that tracked 236,379 COVID patients after their recovery. Patients with a previous history of neurological or psychiatric illness were even more likely to be diagnosed with mental illness in the six-month follow-up period. One out of every three patients with a history of mental illness were diagnosed with a new psychiatric disorder after COVID recovery. Stroke and depression were also common in the six-month time frame, affecting one in nine of recovered COVID patients. After months of submission to government and behavioral controls, a COVID patient may finally realize everything they did to avoid the infection was done in vain. Could it be that the science of fear and avoidance is having a detrimental impact on the mind of COVID patients?….Read More

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