Eugenist Bill Gates calling for a “global alert system’ and ‘pandemic fire squad’ to deal with the next viral outbreak he promises is coming

Bill Gates wants you to know something, another pandemic is coming and…wait for it…he has advance knowledge he wants to share with all of us little, poor people who made him the richest man on the planet. We need to create a ‘global alert system’ to, you know, keep an eye on stuff, and I am sure that this global system will just happen to link up with the digital identification he created the ID2020 Alliance to create. It’s a Christmas miracle! If by this point you are still on the fence, wondering who is telling you the truth and who is not, I feel sorry for you. So  much end times stuff is happening right now before your very eyes that the term ‘conspiracy theory’ needs to be erased from the lexicon. None of it’s a theory anymore, it’s real, it’s on and it’s happening. You are now living inside the Bible, and it matters not one whit if you believe it or not…..Read More

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