Republicans demand ‘gutless’ Cuomo RESIGN after he blamed TRUMP for COVID nursing home deaths scandal and callously dismissed victims’ plight by saying ‘who cares where they died?’

Republicans have called for the Democrat governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, to resign after his response to a COVID nursing home death toll scandal was: ‘who cares’ where they died. Cuomo said it did not matter if a COVID death was counted in a nursing home or hospital on Friday, as he defended his administration for undercounting nursing home deaths by around 4,000. He was immediately slammed as ‘disgusting’, ‘callous’ and ‘gutless’ by people whose loved ones died in nursing homes.  The scandal erupted on Thursday morning, when the NY Attorney General released a damning report which said Cuomo’s health department – which said there were 8,500 nursing home deaths – had misrepresented the number, because it only counted people who physically died in nursing homes, and not nursing home residents who died in hospital as well….. Read More

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