‘Red-List’ Style Roundups Of Vaccine Refusers Another Draconian Measure Coming To America: ‘Color Codes’ With ‘Red Flags’ For Violators The Latest Sign We’ll All Be Targeted For Extermination

With the Daily Mail reporting in this new story that China-Joe Biden is getting ready to purchase 200 million more Covid-19 vaccines, giving Biden and the US a total of 300 million ‘shots’, with Biden’s goal being to have ALMOST EVERY American vaccinated by this summer, one of the top-voted comments on the story is a dire warning to Americans of what’s likely to come: 

“No way do 300 million people want the vaccine. Get ready for mandates.”

As that story reported, that 300 million total is enough for nearly the entire U.S. population, which has officially been estimated at 329 million, and therefore well over the 80% estimated to be the point at which there will be ‘herd immunity’…..Read More

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