Here’s A Hint They Were Left-Wing Radicals: They Both Wore The Same-Style Of Costume

Recent reports we have been digging up have revealed some interesting clues that definitely indicate the violence on January 6th was caused by leftists. So, I just wrote an article literally 5 minutes ago, about ANTIFA infiltration on January 6th. While I was writing the article something hit me like a ton of bricks..they are both dressed THE SAME. The now infamous Jake Angeli in the photo you see above, and Aaron Mostofsky match. Mostofksy is a registered democrat, and was arrested in the same fur-gear as Angeli in the photo above. He was also wearing a police riot vest when they arrested him.  He was arrested for stirring up violence at the protests.  There is NO WAY this is a coincidence. They both chose to dress as cavemen. They both chose to incite violence, both got some media coverage… is a registered democrat.