COVERT OPS REVEALED Against Beijing BIden & CCP! NSA Whistleblower & NatSec Experts EPIC Reveal!

MIND-BLOWING interview, wherein a well-known group of NatSec Experts, Whistleblowers and high-ranking military/government officials (#KirkWiebe, #ThomasMcInerney, #MaryFanning and #AlanJones) reveal the existence, and the exact nature, of the Covert Operation of ‘Real Time Proof of the 2020 Cyberwar and Voter Fraud’. Then, after your head stops reeling from those MOABs, wait for MORE INCOMING NUKES as NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe Joins in to Confirm the Validity of The Covert Operation – complete with Proof of its existence! Here’s the bottom line, Patriots: We are in a Great Battle. The winner will control the fate of history for all time – and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Who will win this EPIC BATTLE of Good vs. Evil…?

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