Highly Censored News Suggests America Under All-Out Biological Attack: Bio-Warfare Expert Warns Bioweapon Released Upon Americans While The Mainstream Media Plays Role Of Gatekeeper

With a New York state government member Linda Rosenthal just introducing legislation that would make Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory as Paul Joseph Watson reports in this new story over at Summit News, citing a “concerning uptick in dangerous anti-science, anti-vaccine rhetoric”, we’d like to ask Rosenthal, is she referring to an October slideshow done by the FDA itself which found that some of the ‘side effects’ of a vaccine could include: heart attacks, stroke, blood disorders and ‘death?  And Rosenthal gave us 100% proof of exactly what we had warned of in this August 9th ANP story warning of ‘incrementalism’ ahead, with Rosenthal claiming “While steps have been taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19, epidemiologists and public health experts have concluded that a vaccine will be necessary to develop herd immunity and ultimately stop the spread of the disease”. …...Read More

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