Brace for Final Impact My Fellow Christians As the Left Means You Extreme Harm

Recently, I shared the virtual stage at the recent GENSIX Conference with Daniel Holdings. I invited Daniel to come on my radio show in order to reflect on the tumultuous times that we find ourselves living in…. The following interview with Daniel is riveting and very instructive. Daniel focused on the very real possibility that we might lose out country, but we can still gain eternal salvation. This is a must-listen interview and it needs to be shared far and wide with both Christians and non Christians alike! The interview can be accessed by clicking this link

Order your FINAL WARNING: Brace for Impact DVD Set right now! This complete disc set includes all speaker presentations from the 2020 FINAL WARNING broadcast with Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Gerald Celente, Mike Adams, Robert Maginnis, Lisa Haven, Greg Hunter, Dave Hodges, Daniel Holdings, and Brandon Smith. Between the fall election and the greatest pandemic in the modern age, a massive loss of freedom, civil unrest, famine, and war threaten to unravel our country — and the world.

We asked our distinguished guests what their final message to the public would be before free-speech is eliminated and the chaos of the End-of-Days ensues. So, order this special disc set and hear our speakers warn, inform and inspire during this crucial time in history.

Source: common sense show

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