Americans Prepare To Revolt Against Election Fraud And Completely Corrupted Democrats While Progressives Work To Transform Entire Country Into A Decrepit Hell Hole

My how things have changed in our elections. In 2016 the progressive socialist Democrats shrieked voting fraud, blaming the Russians for helping President Trump win. These self-same leftists show a total lack of concern about the massive voter fraud being forced on the American people in the current election. They ignore the massive fraud and vote switching that has been brought forth. They have hidden the facts needed to make an informed opinion about precisely what has happened. They will tell you that all the affidavits given under the penalty of perjury are lies. They will not even inform the citizens of this country that the Federal Election Commission has called the 2020 election illegitimate. In 2008, even Barak Obama discussed mail-in ballots and signature verification……Read More

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