Social Media Rumor: Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Dead

Reports are beginning to spread via social media that the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had died.  Some of those reports claim he died of COVID, other rumors say it was Prostate cancer, while others say the Israeli Mossad killed him to avenge the death of a Mossad Commander,  Fahmi Hinawi, who died in a hail of bullets while stopped at a traffic light on a main road in Tel Aviv just days ago.  The most interesting rumor is that Khamenei found out the U.S. completely caught Iranian government involvement in cheating the November 3 U.S. Presidential Election so as to oust Trump, and now knows the U.S. is going to attack Iran ferociously within days; knowledge of which gave Khamenei a heart attack. ALL of these rumors are as yet UNCONFIRMED, but the shear volume of this material is such, that there may be truth, at least to word of the death…….Read More

Plus: Biggest Iranian flotilla yet en route to Venezuela with fuel….

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