More Signs Of A Great Purge Ahead With Covid-19 Planned-Demic Used By Governments Worldwide To Usher In Tyranny

According to this recent story over at the World Socialist Web Site (saved at archive), the coronavirus ‘pandemic’ is ‘being used’ for much more than just ‘locking down’ America; support for ‘socialism’ amongst America’s younger generations has jumped nearly 10% as more and more of ‘America’s largest voting block of the future’ blames the ‘failure of capitalism in 2020’ for much of their ills. Reporting that support for socialism among Americans between the ages of 16 and 39 had gone up to nearly 50% since ‘the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the US and the world’, the story used as its source an annual survey done by an anticommunist group, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, and was conducted by YouGov, finding an immense increase in support for socialism over the last year…..Read More