BREAKING: CDC flips again, now says coronavirus is spread through aerosolized “respiratory droplets” that linger in the air

(Natural News) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a discredited front group for the vaccine industry, has flip-flopped yet again, this time settling on the claim that Wuhan coronavirus particles do, indeed, spread through the air, riding along with aerosolized spit particles that are ejected from the mouths of people as they speak. “The guidelines on how the coronavirus spreads were initially updated last month to acknowledge a role, and possibly the primary one, played by tiny aerosol particles in spreading the virus,” reports the Wall Street Journal, a pro-vaccine, pro-pharma publication. “But the agency removed the changes only days later, saying a draft version of the proposed changes had been posted in error. In its latest revisions to the guidelines Monday, the CDC acknowledged a role for the tiny airborne particles…”……Read More