McDonald’s and it’s Role in the Coming Global Coup

The two most popular personalities, globally, during world government will be Ronald McDonald and the Antichrist. This holds true for (samesex “marriage” supporting) McDonald’s restaurants in WalMart stores One of the shareholders and directors of McDonald’s, including WalMart,  is Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton’s campaign finance records show the wealthy Walmart heiress, Alice Walton, donated $353,400 to Clinton’s “Victory Fund.” Alice Walton also contributed $25,000 to the Ready for Hillary political action committee. One of the heads of the Kansas Militia confided to Vigileaks their discovery of a WalMart truck’s contents: “We opened the WalMart semi to discover over a hundred thousand body bags with lime, headed for storage in southern Kansas City. The lime is to speed up the decomposition of corpses.”  Add to this WalMart insiders speak about tunnels underneath leading to FEMA death camps and an interesting situation develops…..Read More