’15 reasons (no particular order) why COVID-19 response is overkill

1. This is the safest pandemic in history. Even in countries with no significant lockdowns in place, the survival rate is in the order of greater than 99.95%. Is that even a pandemic?
2. A minority of “coronavirus deaths” are purely caused by coronavirus. Only 6% of deaths in America, and 800 of the 5,800 in Sweden, for example. Like flu, coronavirus mostly kills those who are already dying with other conditions… except flu happens every year and isn’t famous.
3. Further to #2, countries with the worst ‘deaths per million population’ from coronavirus are almost entirely those which had a mild flu season last year. The correlation in Europe is very strong.
4. “Listen to the experts” is hardly good enough advice. In Australia, the models were variously wrong by a factor of between 80 and 450.
5. Further to the above, UK Imperial College modelling said that with the harshest possible lockdowns, 26,000 Swedes would die. With no lockdowns, 105,000 Swedes would die. In fact, about 5,800 Swedes died, with effectively no lockdown. They were wrong by at least a factor of 17.
6. Treatments have drastically improved. The effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, for example, is repeatedly confirmed. Switzerland banned it for 15 days, only to see a spike in fatality rate of between 300-500% exactly corresponding to those 15 days.
7. “Second wave” and “third wave” rhetoric is not the full picture. Deaths and hospitalisations are generally not resulting. This is because more cases are being detected, not due to hospitalisations etc, but due to enormous rates of testing. They are ‘casedemics.’ This is, of course, great fear fodder for the media.
8. The government cannot save us from everything. Initially, they wanted to ‘flatten the curve.’ Now that it could not be flatter, they are going for the insane goal of eradication. No government can eradicate a virus. Talk about hubris.
9. Melbourne has the longest (longer than Wuhan) and the most draconian lockdowns in the world. It is killing a fly with a sledgehammer. Nowhere else – NOWHERE – has thought such overzealous measures necessary. Several measures (like the curfew) are neither evidence-based, nor recommended by health authorities.
10. A culture of freedom is not only fragile, but it makes sense. People make far better decisions about the minutiae of their lives than governments. Centralised planning and decision making on this scale is communism, and we know how that ends. If people want to go out, let them. If they want to isolate and ‘be safe,’ let them.
11. Lifeline have broken their record for the most distress calls in a single day just last week. For many, due to their personal circumstances, the current restrictions are a form of torture. Overzealous lockdowns are cruel at best, unnecessary at worst.
12. Financial strain is the #1 reason for family breakdown. Family breakdown is the #1 reason kids do poorly. Family breakdown is a major reason women fall below the poverty line. Financial strain is a major cause of mental health problems and suicide. I say this to point out that ‘economic reasons’ is the same as saying, ‘human reasons.’ People are going over the fiscal cliff by government decree. At the bottom is carnage.
13. There is no clear link between the crucial ‘deaths per million population’ statistic in a given country and either the severity of lockdowns, or the use of masks. In fact, a comparative study of all US states was done by Trend Macro which concluded it made no discernible difference. But this was well-known before COVID-19… that masks barely work, and that lockdowns are ill-advised.
14. The figure that matters most is the total number of deaths in a country from all causes. This accounts for comorbidities, flu seasons, etc. In Europe, the ‘excess deaths’ figure is barely worse than many past years. It’s just that the deaths in the past years weren’t famous… COVID-19 was not involved.
15. Fear is a bad decision-maker. Irrational and deceptive fear is not of God. Go back to point 1 and consider: if the pandemic is of such a mild nature, where is the fear coming from and what is the motive of those who are so carefully stoking it? It is not for your good – that much is clear.
by Martyn Iles ACL director

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