America Is a Hard Country to Kill and That Is Why Various Nation-Destroying Plots are Being Perfected in Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela

America-and-Communism_8The United States is a juggernaut and is very difficult to kill. Part of the reason that the citizens of the United States have not responded to the takedown of our country is because we have been so strong, it is incomprehensible that any force could pose such a threat to the cultural viability, economy and national defense. America is just too strong and even in the face of overwhelming evidence, most Americans cannot see the threats to their way of life and even the continuance of their individual lives.  Most do not realize that that if the Deep State successfully continues on the path they are on that millions of people who will read these words will not be discussing how to take back our country, they will be looking for places to hide in order to avoid the medical martial law camps (ie disguised re-education camps), arrest on fake charges, fake diagnosis of an illness that poses no threat to them, and outright assassination…….Read More

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