Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter: “We Are Trained Marxists”

So, what many of us suspected is now confirmed. Black Lives Matter (Organization) is not  about Racism. It is about overthrowing our Republic to implement Communism. Listen to the man in this video carefully. He knows what he is talking about. He is very knowledgable about history and about Black Lives Matter: At one point in the first video, the man (in disgust) accuses whites of following and kneeling and financially supporting TRAINED MARXISTS. They think that they are funding Black Lives Matter. And that is exactly right – Black Lives DO Matter.  But these people have no clue how they are being used and duped by MARXIST/COMMUNISTS. We are told to keep our eye on the end game. That is to rid the country of Racism.  What you need to know is that Black Lives Matter (the Organization) is all about Marxism and Communism, and overthrowing our Republic and replacing it with a Communist form of government.  Truly, what we have been seeing in the last weeks is a Communist Insurrection. Our president is not attempting to contains these people. They are holding Seattle captive and have renamed it CHOP. Lawlessness reigns – rapes, murders – all manner of horrific crimes and the people in that area have no police department to call…..Read More

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