Prophetic Dreams Of Economic Collapse And Great Persecution

You may have noticed that I don’t share prophetic dreams and visions from anonymous sources or from people that are not willing to share their full names publicly.  One of the reasons I do this is because it is imperative that people be able to evaluate the source of the prophetic dreams and visions.  Another reason why I do this is because if we aren’t willing to take a public stand for Christ now, will we be able to do it when the real persecution starts? Recently, Monique Bizet sent me some more of her dreams about the great persecution that is coming…

I share these dreams that all relate to Christian persecution.


The first dream I’m in a congregation of people that were totally surrendered to the Lord, like being prepared as the remnant.  I was preaching and glorifying the Lord. There was a preparation for what was outside of the door, for much noise and distress was outside.  Something about Open Doors.  The sense was that great persecution was right outside of the doors and the moment we stepped outside we would all encounter persecution. The Lord said very hard times are coming, arise and prepare yourselves!….Read More

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