M4.6 Quake SEVERELY LOOSENS “Hilina Slump” – If Land Slides, Pacific-Wide Tsunami!

At 5:20 AM eastern US time today (Friday), the big island of Hawaii experienced a Magnitude 4.6 Earthquake, DIRECTLY next to the ominous “Hilina Slump.”   The quake took place at a very shallow depth of only 6km, and Geologists in Hawaii are already frantically reporting “very large new cracks in the Hilina Slump.” For those who may not be aware, the Hilina Slump is a very dangerous parcel of land. The Hilina Slump, on the south flank of the Kīlauea Volcano on the southeast coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, is the most notable of several landslide areas that ring each of the Hawaiian Islands. These landslides are the means by which material deposited at a volcano’s vents are transferred downward and seaward, eventually spilling onto the seabed to broaden the island……Read More