New ‘e-skin’ tech turns your body into a walking display

A new breakthrough could help pave the way to our transhuman future as cyborgs. Researchers in Japan have developed a super thin and flexible protective film that can be used to create electronic skin (e-skin) displays. Why put a display on your body? The most obvious applications could be for health and training, with simple displays that adhere to a hand or arm and connect to wearable sensors to show measurements like heart rate or blood oxygen level right on the surface of your skin…..Read More


New ‘E-Skin’ Technology Can Light Up Your Skin Like A Neon Sign

Researchers at the University of Tokyo are taking wearable tech to a whole new level. They’re creating a luminescent, superthin synthetic material they’ve dubbed “e-skin,” which sits on your skin and lights up. The trippy technology contains polymer LEDs that light up with electrical pulses and can be used to monitor blood oxygen levels and heart rate. Read more follow the link at top article.

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