A deadly brain-eating amoeba detected in Louisiana’s drinking water

A deadly brain-eating amoeba in Louisiana’s drinking water and a toxic blue-green algae in the area is a concern as storm Barry approaches –  A potentially deadly brain-eating amoeba has been detected in a Louisiana neighbourhood’s drinking water – the third time the terrifying discovery has been made in the same parish since 2015, reports said. Naegleria fowleri, which causes fatal brain swelling and tissue destruction, was found over the weekend in Terrebonne Parish, deep in the Louisiana bayou about an hour south of New Orleans, WWL-TV reported. “It kinda freaks me out because this is my home, I can’t do what I usually do,” Lindsey Dupre told WWL-TV. “I want to know I’m secure rather than freak out over an amoeba.” All freshwater sources in the parish have been affected, including drinking water, the water in the bayous and pools, plus water used for showers and baths…..Read More

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