CA Lawmakers Trying to Force Pastors to Embrace Pro-LGBTQ Ideology

California Assemblyman Evan Low and three dozen other lawmakers are pushing resolution ACR-99 in the state Assembly Judiciary Committee that’s aimed at telling religious leaders in California what they should preach from their pulpits. The attacks on Christianity in America are coming so fast and so often now that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of it at the same time. But in a nutshell, the pendulum is swinging all the way from a nation being founded on Christianity and the Bible, to a nation rejecting and persecuting Christianity and the Bible. FROM CBN NEWS: The California Family Council reports that Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99 (ACR 99) calls on “counselors, pastors, religious workers, educators” and institutions with “great moral influence” to stop perpetuating the idea that something is wrong with LGBT identities or sexual behavior. ACR 99 also condemns attempts to change unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion as “unethical,” “harmful,” and leading to high rates of suicide….Read More