Belief in aliens could be America’s next religion

20190318-E7BQt5cCsANkGydcEo0s.jpeg‘American Cosmic’ explores how the once-fringe phenomenon has taken root among the powerful. Belief in the little green men (or tall, suspiciously Nordic, could be America’s next religion, depending on whose accounts you believe) has long been a one-way ticket to social disrepute. It belongs to the chainsmoking Nevada diner waitress, the virginal malcontent reading anti-Semitic lizard people websites in his mother’s basement, the aunt whose minivan is littered with pamphlets on lesser-known Marian apparitions and dire end-times prophecies, the bearded ’70s peace-and-love guru who later turned out to be a sex criminal. It is precisely three steps above joining the Black Hebrew Israelites…..Read More

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