Roads melt and animals drop dead as Australia suffers through its ‘most significant’ heatwave for 80 YEARS and temperatures top 120F

8701910-0-image-a-143_1547830023546.jpgAustralia is battling through its ‘most significant’ heatwave for 80 years that has seen temperatures soar above 104F (40C) for six consecutive days across the country.  Roads melted, animals dropped dead and fires raged as temperature records tumbled across New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.  Hundreds of Australians have flocked to Bondi Beach in Sydney to cool off from the extreme summer temperatures.   The latest mind-boggling figure was reported in the town of Noona, in New South Wales, which reported an overnight minimum temperature of 96.6F (35.9C) on Thursday – a new record for the whole of Australia…..Read More. 

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