‘Black Smoke Matters” – The Life Force Of America Could Grind To A Halt Within Days

A couple of links over at Steve Quayle’s website on Sunday caught my eye: First one about upcoming Trucker’s strike scheduled for April 12, 2019 and the second one from Business Insider explaining exactly what to expect if long-haul truckers stopped, from day one, into the day two-three scenario, then as long as a week, and it isn’t pretty. The first story about the planned Trucker’s strike itself was written on January 2, 2019, detailing how a Facebook group called “Black Smoke Matters” is calling for a one day nationwide strike on April 12, 2019,  to protest the “state of trucking.”  As of that Jan. 2 story the group’s Facebook page had 9,000 members, the same number referred to in an interview with Charles Claburn, the organizer of the event, published on January 11, 2019……..Read More

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