As The Mad Dash To 2020 Begins, Anything Can Happen Now With Nothing Less Than The Future Of Western Civilization At Stake

I was going to write a very different article. Like Ann Coulter, like a lot of patriots, I was completely disillusioned with Donald Trump. But then, late in December of 2018, in the space of a day or two, events took a sudden turn, and everything changed.

By the end of Hussein Obama’s eight year reign of terror, America was on the ropes. The government was hopelessly corrupt, and had become a vast criminal cartel, selling out our sovereignty, bankrupting the economy, and eroding our freedom. The Clintons and the DNC seemed to have a 007 license to kill.

The only thing that might save us from the worst consequences of our failures and begin to restore our freedom, virtue, and economy would be a bold and decisive leader, a true patriot President, a man of vision and principle, not afraid to stand up to leftist judges, politicians, and the corrupt slimestream media. Nothing less would do……Read More