Krakatoa Volcanic Tsunami A Reminder To East And West Coasts Of America Of These Cataclysmic, Worst Case Scenarios

According to several different Rabbis as shared in this new story over at the Daily Star, all of the recent ‘action‘ we’ve been witnessing all across the ‘Ring of Fire‘ recently is directly tied to Biblical End Times with the massive volcanic eruption of Krakatoa followed by a deadly tsunami that had killed at least 281 people in Indonesia being just the latest example of tremendous unrest. The latest in a flurry of activity along the nearly 25,000 mile long ‘horseshoe’ that makes up the ‘Ring of Fire’, “Rabbis have suggested the volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis shaking the Ring of Fire this year could show the world is heading for the end of days as laid out the Hebrew Bible” while adding that all of this comesamid a series of other prophecies, including the birth of a red heifer in Israel and the emergence of a snake from the Westen Wall……  Read More


Emergency Update by Steve Quayle  THE WORST IS YET TO COME! – Emergency update: 

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