A Dream About Things That Will Take Place – SOON

thopenyoureyespeople – My 15-yr old son Jr. had a dream last night. As a matter of fact he has been having a number of dreams quite consecutively in the past few weeks. The one he had last night goes as follows:

“Mom, in the dream we were all shopping at the market and society had just entered it’s very beginning of the mark of the beast system. If you wanted to purchase goods or items with a credit card it was as foreign as trying to stick an 8-track in your MP3 player. The people who all took the mark including the cashiers looked at you like you were from another planet. The atmosphere was changed, it was tense and dark. The world has we knew it was turned over to evil. Everyone in the store (HEB was the market) we were at had taken the mark except us. It was at this time that you can still barely get away with using credit cards but they were far and few being rarely used because the mark everyone was taking. I was in the aisle with Isaac (the youngest child, 2yrs old) and he started crying in a fearful way that I never heard him do. I said, “Isaac what is it?” and all he could say was, “Hide me, hide me,” He did everything he could for me to wrap himself around me to cover him and shield his eyes from seeing this lady who was down this same aisle just staring at him. When I saw her all I saw was a lady staring for a long time directly in his eyes but nothing more but it was clear Isaac saw something more that terrified him and he desperately cried for cover. We went to purchase our items and when it came time to pay we attempted to use our credit card but it rejected it, it was even foreign to the machine. At this time everyone who took the mark had a new name. “Earthers.” I heard as clear as day. If you were an Earther you had the mark and were excpeted in this new society, if not then you stuck out as a sore thumb and everyone knew it. They all had the same glossed over look. Every Earther knew whether you were with them or not even before you pulled out your currency. When the “Earthers” would pay they had a number given to them that they had to type in. We told the cashier after our credit card was rejected that we did not have a number. It was like we spoke Chinese she looked at us like, “what? no number? How can this be no number?” So we left with no groceries and knew it was the time. Next my dream shifted and I was in a type of bedroom where there was that same lady in the market sitting on a bed with two men one on each side of her. She had her face in her hands telling these two guys how “off she felt”. When I saw her face it literally shifted from one evil demonic face to another. She didn’t know it. It went from demonic skeletons to demonic clowns, etc, it was evil and going real fast and I knew the reason why she felt off was because she had taken the mark. Next thing I was right in front of her and said these words to her, “You feel off because you have taken the mark and now are being conformed into the image of the beast.” Mom, every person who took the mark was being transformed into the image of the beast, it was demonic and ungodly. Next thing I knew we were in the parking lot of that same grocery store and I remember the temptation of taking the mark was overwhelming. You felt it pull you. These thoughts would attack your mind saying, “why must I be different, why not just do it. why am I putting myself through this, why don’t I just take the mark. why do I have to stick out and be so different from everybody, ect.” Mom it was intense temptation and pulling to those who did not take the mark. I felt the temptation. I saw how it pulled even me. It was strong. Then suddenly I looked down at Israel and Immanuel who were with me (my two brothers younger than me) and said to them, “I’m going to make it, we are gong to make it. I am not going to take the mark. Guys this is a lie, an illusion, none of this is real.” As soon as I spoke these words peace and strength came into my heart. I knew the whole thing was a lie people were falling for. It was like virtual reality the devil placed on the whole world to believe a lie.”
15-yr old Ignacio Fuentes Jr. son of Evangelist Anita Fuentes

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