Todays Earthquakes: Alaska, Fiji and Peru hit by earthquakes after Hokkaido ROCKED by Japan

thA SERIES of earthquakes have rocked the globe today, with 10 already recorded as Japan recovers from a magnitude-5.4 tremor in the latest of natural disasters hitting the country. Alaska: US State struck by several earthquakes in one day Japan’s Hokkaido island was struck by a magnitude 5.4 earthquake last night, almost a month after the same island was hit by one of the country’s most powerful tremors. Hokkaido’s latest tremor struck at 8.58am (1.58am BST) on Friday morning. The tremor struck at 42km (26 miles) deep and centred on Hokkaido’s southern coast. Just a month earlier on September 6, Hokkaido was rocked by a deadly magnitude 6.7 quake which killed at least nine people……Read More