California earthquake: Hollister ROCKED by ‘very strong’ earthquake – ‘I’m scared’

california-earthquake-hollister-san-jose-tsunami-warning-pacific-ring-of-fire-big-one-1-1540439.jpgAN EARTHQUAKE has struck near the city of Hollister, Northern California, with residents reporting being shaken awake by the tremor. The 3.9 magnitude quake hit 6.2 miles (10km) of Hollister at 2.29pm BST (6.29am local time), according to earthquake monitoring service CSEM/EMSC. Residents shared their experiences of the earthquake online, with brief but sharp shaking reported. One said: “Woke me up! Good shake. Closet doors shaking good. Strongest we have felt in this area in a long time.” Another said: “Very strong shaking.” A third added: “It woke me up now I’m scared to go back to sleep.” The quake hit at a shallow depth of just 3.1 miles (5km). The US National Tsunami Warning Centre recorded the earthquake as a magnitude 4.0. Officials said no tsunami is expected from the tremor……Read More

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