Barbarbunga volcano in Iceland expands 10 million cubic meters as several quakes are recorded in the last few days

1280px-Bárðarbunga_Volcano,_September_4_2014_-_15146259395Several earthquakes have been recorded at Barbarbunga on Orafajokull glacier in the last few days. On Oct. 1, two quakes were recorded, magnitudes 3.0 and 3.1, and the day after saw a 3.6 magnitude quake. According to information from the Icelandic Met Office, the quake could be felt all across the orafi area. Only six earthquakes measuring 3.0 or more have been recorded in Orafajokull since the turn of the century, including four in this year alone. Additionally, several smaller quakes have been recorded in the area in recent days. 50 quakes occurred just last week, comprising half of all quakes in the greater Vatnajokull glacier area, of which Orafajokull is a part…….Read More

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