A Failed “Blue Wave” Congressional Takeover Will Trigger An Economic Collapse and Coup Against Trump

th-1.jpegThe following information, contained in the following paragraph,  is being distributed for the purposes of a “cheezy” money-making venture. Ordinarily, this kind of communication would have been the recipient of the delete button, except for the fact that the “secret meeting” described below actually took place and many sources that I know are aware of it and are very suspicious of the ramifications of this meeting. Personally, I have been aware of this meeting since August 1st of this year. The publishing of the occurrence of this meeting provides and anti-Trump co-conspirators plausible deniability with what is about to happen because they are hiding their intentions in plain sight.  I am absolutely convinced that the elite are planning an economic collapse and a coup against Donald Trump and this is their way of hiding the elite’s intentions in plain sight. Here are excerpts of this communication:…….Read More

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