Newfound Galileo Letter Suggests He Lied To Dupe The Church And Avoid Persecution

th.jpegAside from his many contributions to the evolution of modern science, Galileo Galilei is also famous for defying the 17th century Catholic church. He’s lionized for advocating a heliocentric view of our solar system, spurning Church doctrine and becoming a heretic. But a new discovery presents an interesting wrinkle in the Galileo narrative. A new report in Nature suggests Galileo acted out of an abundance of caution while quarreling with the Inquisition, watering down his rejection of the church’s geocentric model of the universe in a letter dated December 1613. Writing to his friend, the mathematician Benedetto Castelli, Galileo first outlined his rejection of Church dogma and its overbearing influence on the Copernican theory that Earth revolved around the sun. As with many of Galileo’s writings, several duplicates of this letter were printed and circulated, causing a watershed moment in scientific history known as the “Galileo Affair.”…..Read More

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